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First we crawl, then we walk, then we march!

a man holding a stuffed animal

One of the cool things about this march was it represented a lot of different points of view and covered a lot of issues. I thought I was going with my family to take a stand for women’s rights, which was true, but experiencing this march with my 8 month old made me realize that it represented so much more.

There was a profound sense of community there that day. Not a single violent incident reported, despite so many perspectives coming together, and

so many voices being heard.

This sense of community, of standing up for what we believe in, and pushing back against what we don’t is what makes us Americans.

I could feel it starting the day before, when I hosted a tour of awesome women from across the country who had come to march, and I have felt it for days after.

And it was a privilege to show my little girl that. (Whether she remembers or not, we can show her she was there)

This march also represented a kind of country and world I want to live in, one where differences are celebrated, rights are respected, community is encouraged and bridges are built.

I have had the privilege of travelling to many countries, and consequently through those experiences, my sense of global community has expanded.  As someone so inspired by those experiences, I created a tour business, it is vital we don’t close down ways for people to move freely across the world.

It is vital we work together, not shut people out, and create a greater sense of community for our children rather than a greater sense of isolation.

Teaching BooBoo to throw one arm up in protest is a moment I’ll always cherish-
and she makes it hard to forget since she now does it while eating, although I believe that’s in celebration, as the true foodie that she is.


But we must not forget, especially in times like these- not only is the whole world watching, so are our children.