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That time I quit my day job


I’m bustin out! (cue Diana Ross ‘I’m coming out’ song!)

It’s true! In case you haven’t been following my every post on social….I QUIT MY DAY JOB! And now am working on full time on Carpe!

(insert quit scene from Jerry Maguire  here)

Now, my first thought was to wax poetic about how travel has changed my life and life is travel, and here’s to the next adventure. And I’m not even going to promise that won’t be the topic at a later date…

But then I thought… yea, yea, yea-

Here we go- another blog about a founder living her dreams, being her best self.

Whomp. Whomp.

I won’t do that to you- not today- because really.  Why do you care? Why should you care?

Here’s why…

You know that feeling when you’re in a new city, or taking in a fresh vista and you’re so excited to learn everything about it? Like you can’t wait to drink it in with all of your senses?

It’s like the world is reaching out and giving you a hug.

It’s that very feeling that gets us of our comfort zones, the feeling that makes the world a smaller, more welcoming place and inspires us to be open to the unknown.

And that’s what we call #carpeworthy.

That’s the why. That’s also the who, what, when and where. It’s deep inside each of us, the passion to explore, the desire to connect.

So now that Carpe has its first full time employee- ahem- me! We have full time hours in the week to devote to bringing you more #carpeworthy experiences, to fire up your inner explorer and take on DC and the world! (We are named Carpe DC after all).

And we’ve got some big things in the works….

New Events. New Neighborhoods. New CITIES?!? A Newsletter?!? (see what I did there?) to keep you up to date, inspired, and carpe-ing.

To get in on all the action and get $5 off our latest and greatest adventure (hint hint- its holiday related!)

sign up here!