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Elevate Your Team Building, Private & Group Events in DC with Blue Fern Travel’s Unforgettable Fork Tours

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Looking for unique team building activities in Washington DC? Want to plan extraordinary private events or group outings that your attendees will be raving about? Blue Fern Travel’s acclaimed Fork Tours offer an unparalleled experience that perfectly blends delectable cuisine, rich history, and immersive exploration – ideal for corporate team building, client entertainment, or any special group gathering.

These one-of-a-kind culinary adventures are designed as progressive meals, where your team or group will embark on a flavorful journey through DC’s vibrant neighborhoods. You’ll visit multiple locally-owned restaurants and specialty purveyors to savor the city’s diverse flavors. But it’s more than just incredible food – your knowledgeable guide will captivate you with fascinating tales, bringing the area’s history and culture to life.

Imagine bonding with your colleagues or guests as you stroll through historic Georgetown, Black Broadway – U Street Cooridor, or Old Town Alexandria, indulging in mouthwatering bites while uncovering the iconic stories behind each neighborhood. It’s the ultimate DC team building activity and private group event experience.

What truly sets our Fork Tours apart is our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences tailored for private and corporate groups. With tiered pricing for budgets large or small, from casual team lunches to upscale client dinners complete with cocktail pairings, they ensure a seamless, personalized event.

But the benefits extend beyond delicious meals. Each tour supports small businesses and gives back by donating a portion of proceeds to Bread for the City, an impactful local non-profit. Your team building or private event becomes an opportunity to connect while contributing to the community.

As Sarah Smith raved, “It was the perfect event for our group to get a new taste for our city – lunch, entertainment, and the true flavor of DC life.”

For unforgettable team building activities in DC, client entertainment, corporate private events or group outings, our Fork Tours promise a multi-sensory experience that delights and inspires. Let us craft an extraordinary culinary journey for your team or guests. Contact us today to start planning your exceptional private group event.