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Black American History IS American History

Black History Heros

We share the stories of influential Black men and women on our tours year round. Still, as February begins, celebrating Black History Month becomes an opportunity to honor figures who have shaped American history.

Washington, D.C., holds a rich and significant history within the broader context of Black History in the United States. DC is not only a central hub for Black American history but also a repository of stories that have played a major role in shaping America’s history as a whole. Beyond being the nation’s capital, the city has witnessed and hosted pivotal events that resonate in the broader narrative of the United States. Walking through DC you will see tangible reminders and examples of the city’s and Black resident’s profound contributions to our history.

This month, Black History Month, we are featuring one person each day and showcasing the contributions they have made. Let’s embrace and amplify these impactful stories that resonate far beyond the city’s borders. We invite you to follow along as we recognize their achievements, and their legacy and their lasting influence on DC History, Black History, and American History.

Let’s remember: Black American History is American History.

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