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A Love Letter to DC

a large body of water with a city in the background

My dearest DC,

I love you. 

I love how you merge big city and small town perfectly, where there’s always something new going on, but things are still familiar. 



I love how Cherry Blossoms predictably dust the city pink for a few weeks, but always leave tourists and locals guessing exactly when and how long they will last, like it’s your own inside joke. 


I love the many monuments, museums and marble scattered throughout your streets, never letting us forget our past (for better or worse) and always reminding us to strive for better.

I love the local spirit that picks up the pieces of transient protestors, graciously hosts travelers year over year, and proudly posts three stars whenever possible to garments, hats, mugs, and flags. 

I love your food! Oh the food! From more diverse cuisines than I can count, and top chefs flocking to create within your borders- the flavors that make up the district’s  cuisine are truly a microcosm of our nation.  With each bite, I’m proud of what it represents and what it inspires. 


The tunes you share echoing out of Howard Theatre, the 930 Club, and Blues Alley define our nightlife and collective swagger, while keeping room for Kennedy Center elegance, and Go-Go on the corner of 7th and Florida Ave.  Your soundscape is as enticing as it is enduring.


I love you DC. You’re home to our government, offering direction to the nation, but it’s your local spirit that guides me. 

Yours always,