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8 Reasons Virtual is Here to Stay


Given that it’s still January, the proverbial references to the new year still count (at least for a few more days).. Along with that comes new beginnings, trying new things and discovery. 

While it may seem like your options for activities that get you off your couch are dwindling by the day, in this Covid ridden winter, we disagree!

It’s time to rethink what you think you know about virtual events. 

If you’ve scanned the interweb looking for something cool and different, you miss your friends and family and you think you may have reached the end of Netflix (literally),

We’ve got 8 reasons to gather your tribe, and give Virtual Events another chance

1- Allows you to connect w Great Aunt Rita in Wyoming without a plane, train or automobile.

This may be obvious, but virtual events allow you to connect with all those relatives and friends you missed seeing over the holidays (and throughout 2020!) Right now, we need each other more than ever, so shoot a text to the friend you’ve been missing and make a plan to see them on the small screen. 


2- Supports local businesses while we all safely distance

We all need each other, and that is no different for your local businesses.  While you may not be able to sit at the bar like you used to, you can still find your local bartenders, tour guides, and area experts – support them now, so they’ll be there when you can see them in person again!


3- Access to excellence!

In this new virtual wonderland, you can be taught to cook by Wolfgang Puck himself, learn about wine from vineyard owners in Italy or your local sommelier.  You can even get to know your local culture and history, all while staying in your PJs! The experts are out there, you just have to look. 

4- Barriers to entry are practically nonexistent 

With the exception of timezones, you can connect, learn and discover on your own time, and for a fraction of the price of a live, in person training.  This may have been possible pre-Covid, but it certainly wasn’t as prevalent. So take advantage of your access, and learn something new!

5- Travel Far while staying Near

Even though airplanes are basically off limits these days, travel really isn’t. 2020 created a truly global marketplace of virtual events, that we can all enjoy. So you can visit London, Paris and Madrid, all in one afternoon if you like! And we like! 

6- Two zones at once! 

Before virtual, if you wanted to try something new, you had to get dressed, walk outside, head to a class you’ve never been to before, meet new people…not anymore! Try bellydancing, painting with wine, magic, calligraphy, the list is endless, and all from your home, while in your pjs! You can be out of your comfort zone and in the comfort of your home all at once! 


7- Bang for your buck! 

Whether it’s bachelorette parties or team building, the work is done for you when you book a virtual event– you’ll get the theme, host, location and even coordinated gift boxes and invites! One stop shopping that’ll make you look like a host extraordinaire! 


8- Sky’s the limit

It’s hard to imagine you won’t find what you’re looking for in the great big virtual events marketplace, but if you can’t find it, you can make it. Well, not literally, but there are folks who can. If you’ve got an idea for a virtual event, and don’t’ see a host doing it already- reach out and ask for a custom experience. There are lots of hosts excited to try new things, and love new ideas! From boxes to breakout rooms, if there’s an idea, there’s a way! 

Virtual events have been around since… the dawn of Zoom, but we’ve never really needed them until COVID.  Now that we do, folks are out there investing in new, innovative ways to use tech to connect. 

And after all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for…. A little Connection?

We come together to show the ‘vid can’t get us down, or keep us apart. We come together to support each other, help our business communities and help ourselves. 

Want to make your next virtual event more thoughtful?

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